Cubicles with Above Surface Power?

If you have noticed in the past 10 years a new type of employee has come into play. Poeple in their mid 20’s to mid 30’s play to a different drum. They grew up with the internet, with MP3 players, some with walkmans….ouch. The point is the previous majority of the workforce didnt grow up with any of these things and therefore don’t require some off the perks that a more youthful employee would look for. Above work surface power is one of the most debated add-ons or accessories in cubicles purchases today. So whats the deal?

Don’t get me wrong, above surface power is not just for younger employees to plug in their iPods or iPads. Its also very useful because more and more employers are switching to laptops and some even tablet devices. In those cases its essential to have above surface power. Imagine crawling under your desk every time you wanted to plug in your laptop. Its either that or buy and extra power cord…..No thanks. In my opinion above surface power is one of the first steps in showcasing your companies drive for change in the workplace. The days where you can have a power strip running along the floor are coming to an end. Employees need and want more from their cubicle. Its not just about solitary confinement anymore. I know so many data entry people, coders, marketers etc that love to plug in their iPods or iPhone while they work. I even love to work while listing to music. Its a great way to stay focused and not disturb anyone else. Above surface power can also be useful to outside sales people with touchdown sites at a location. They come in with their laptops and PDA’s, plug in, connect to wifi at the office and they are good to go. All you lack now is an onsite Starbucks. LOL. In addition, above surface power can be useful for companies that adapt on a regular basis. Lets say your current employees have no need for above surface power but in 3-4 years they might. Shoot you may have a different team sitting in those cubes all together. Its just a smart move to plan ahead for change. Above surface power is not even that expensive. It usually a very doable purchase. One thing to note: not all systems carry above surface power. You will have to find a cutting edge system to accommodate
this. We recommend Herman Miller Ethospace, Knoll Currents, Steelcase Kick, Steelcase Turnstone. Those systems have the best technological benefits. They just so happen to be some of our top sellers. Funny huh?


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