Office Cubicles of The Future

What will your office look like in 10 years, 20 years or even 30 years? How will it work? What type of technologies will exist at that time? These are questions that go through my mind on a daily basis. Although we can never be sure what the office will look like, we can take a good guess. Based on the rate technology is moving all our offices stand to be completely different in just a matter of years let alone 10 or 20 years. Here are some of my predictions on what our office could potentially look like and function.



It is my believe that productivity will be the area most impacted by new technology in the coming years. We have already seen tremndous enhancements in collaborative meetings (FaceTime) (Skype) etc. My prediction is that functions like FaceTime will become a backbone of communication in the workplace. It won’t just be something you do with your parents and grandkids, it will be something that is used to meet with multiple people across the world. You will be able to instantly show multiple people your desktop screen and all parties will be able to interact with your screen as if it was there own…with the touch of a finger. The really cool part is that you would be able to do this from a coffee shop, your home, your cubicle…anywhere. Employees could now work just as easily from home as they could at the office making it much more difficult to play hooky. You could also enable live chat with a real persons face on the other end much more efficiently. It will become foreign to speak to someone without seeing there face. I imagine the makeup companies will not be lacking. Entire offices could participate in the fun as well, imagine having a staff meeting where all your employees are present but in different parts of the world or being able to select a certain group of people in your office and video chatting with them while they are spread out across the office space. Neat.



So what about email, everyone talks about future technology but in my opinion they neglect one of our most fundamental systems. I believe that email will almost always exist in some fashion it will just transform. There are numbers ways in which it could be enhanced upon. Having to compose an email for instance, a slow process for most. I believe emails will no longer be sent through your mail server, but information will be passed along a world wide cloud that everyone and every company is a part of. Ooooo the security problems. Lets hope that gets ironed out. Instead of sending an attachment, the cloud knew what you were discussing in the email and you could grant access to certain files in your cloud to another person. This technology already exists just on a smaller scale. If everyone stored information in the same place it would allow information to be moved and shared more efficiently. You wouldn’t have to wait on attachments to be uploaded to the server, they would already be there. All the recipient would have to do is access the file. I also believe that paper will be a thing of the past. There is no reason even today that paper should exist or be used on a massive scale. All documents will be saved and stored electronically. Huh, you could fit all the files in the pentagon in your pocket, talk about space saving technology.

The Office

The office space will be different all together. Bulky desktops will be replaced with hand held iPad (tablet) devices that all employees will be issued. Instead of cubicles, your office could don a very sophisticated hospitality feel almost like a huge coffee shop for some. Employees could use their device for everything, taking calls, video chatting with clients, accessing the pertinent company information. I also invision the capacity for employers to show and view all their employees tablet screens all at once, effectively keeping an eye on everyones work at once. When a manager is needed he simply joins the video chat. This also allows people to easily stand and do other activities while they work. They wouldn’t be stuck in one place. They could work from this side of the office one day and in the foyer the next. Location based work becomes a thing of the past.

These have been just of few of my daydreams about the future of technology. I could go on all day but I don’t like writing. 🙂 Oh and one more thing, I believe everyone will use their voice to communicate, whether your voice is translated to text or you send a voice message. 🙂 However, video will be the next big wave. I could go into holographic imagery, teleportation and flying cars but thats another post.

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