How to Get Away With Browsing the Internet at Work

Browsing the Internet in your cubicle

Browsing the internet while at work is like the new cigarette break. Almost everyone takes a few moments (or way longer) out of their work day to browse social media or do some online shopping. The key to successful personal internet browsing is to not get caught. If you spend too much time on the internet and don’t cover your bases, you will be pegged as a slacker. So how can you avoid getting caught while browsing the web? Let’s take a look at a few tips and tricks for flying under the radar.

Camouflage Your Browser

One effective method for searching the web without getting caught is to camouflage your browser. What do I mean by camouflaging your browser? Simply minimize your browser window so that it fits into another program’s window, like Outlook.  If you minimize your browser window to the size of an Outlook email, it will simply look like you are typing an email.

Quick Click

The quick click is the most common method, but not necessarily the best. There is a greater chance of being caught if you aren’t fast enough. The quick click method is when you minimize your browser as quickly as you can. This method is flawed because if someone approaches you from behind you are already caught. To increase your chances of not getting caught, when you a surfing, try sitting up more in an effort to use your head to block the screen. This will buy you a few moments before someone can completely see your screen.

Cell Phone

This method is also a bit dicey, but it keeps your web browsing off the books. If all else fails, just use your cell phone to browse the internet. There are obvious drawbacks, like being perceived as someone who is on their cell phone too frequently, but your browsing history is private.

Keyboard Shortcuts

There are a number of keyboard shortcuts that can be utilized to quickly hide your browser. Think of this strategy as a variation of the quick click. Some useful shortcuts include; Alt+Tab and Alt+F4. Alt+Tab quickly changes from your browser window to another program that is currently running. Alt+F4 closes whatever program you currently have up on your screen. Think of Alt+F4 as a kill switch.


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