Haworth Cubicles

Haworth cubicles are well known for their adaptability within the workplace. Each of their cubicle offerings can be reconfigured after its initial installation to different sizes and even heights in some cases. Haworth offers both panel based and non panel based ( benching cubicles) which can work for any office or start up company. Haworth cubicles are design oriented and come with color and fabric options you don’t normally see on cubicles. This makes them stand out along with their 3″ thick panels that make their systems appear more robust, long lasting and durable. Haworth offers several cubicles that would work for your new office expansion including Haworth Compose, Haworth Premise, Haworth Ungroup, Haworth Ungroup Too and Haworth Patterns. If you would like to ad on to your existing Haworth cubicles or purchase some of our used or new Haworth cubicles please chat online or call us today.