Best Ways to Kill Time at Work

wasting time at work

Let’s be honest, the number of workers who truly work an eight hour day is minimal. Everyone has a breaking point where they need to clear their head or kill some time before the clock strikes five. So what do you do help kill time when it’s Friday afternoon? The following are some ideas to help you pass the time and get to your nearest happy hour.

Browse the Internet

The internet’s time killing ability is nearly unparalleled. You can get lost in the internet and find new things to read and digest daily. It’s like a black hole of useless knowledge and memes. It is the ultimate time killer. Need to kill an hour? Watch YouTube videos of cats doing whatever cats do, there are about a million videos out there for that. Read some crazy conspiracy theories (but watch what you search because IT may be watching). Before you know it it’s time to hit the bars or cuddle up and binge on your new favorite TV show. Browsing the internet is to killing time as spaghetti is to meatballs, they just go hand-in-hand.

Walk the Cubicle Rows

Have a friend in the office? Walk over to their desk and hang out for a bit. If you see someone important walking by just start talking about something related to work, then immediately resume your previous conversation. Getting away from your desk will make time feel like it is going much faster.

Plan Out Your Weekend

Not sure what you’re doing with your weekend? Take some time to plan out what you are doing. Text some friends and coordinate your evening. Two birds with one stone.

Text Your Friends

If you really want to waste some time, start a group chat with your friends. Odds are they are in the same time-sucking boat as you. A group chat is a great way to eat some time up, but it is also one that comes with consequences. What started out as a way to waste time at work can quickly turn into a nonstop barrage of texts at all hours of the day, for the rest of eternity. I say this because I am currently stuck in the annals of the longest group text EVER.


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