3- 120 Degree Cubicles


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3- 120 Degree Cubicles

Benching cubicles are a great way to showcase your companies creativty, adapatability and pois. Our benching cubicles come in a host of unique color selections, are in stock and are built for colaboration within the workspace. Call for pricing today. 

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All Colors

Zebrano Zebrano
White* White*
Vibrant Green Vibrant Green
Vapor Strandz Vapor Strandz
Stop Red Stop Red
Spectrum Blue Spectrum Blue
Myriad Ribbonwood Myriad Ribbonwood
Kensington Maple Kensington Maple
Fiesta Fiesta
Expresso Pear Expresso Pear
Empire Mahogany Empire Mahogany
Designer White Designer White
Black* Black*
Biltmore Cherry Biltmore Cherry
Astro Strandz Astro Strandz
Asian Sand Asian Sand
5th Avenue Elm 5th Avenue Elm
Asian Night Asian Night
Saxon Blue Cushion Saxon Blue Cushion
Rasberry Cushion Rasberry Cushion
Pumice Cushion Pumice Cushion
Nile Cushion Nile Cushion
Night Shadow Cushion Night Shadow Cushion
Midnight Cushion* Midnight Cushion*
Medoc Cushion Medoc Cushion
Marigold Cushion Marigold Cushion
Lime Green Cushion* Lime Green Cushion*
Hemlock Cushion Hemlock Cushion
Gunmetal Cushion Gunmetal Cushion
Dusk Cushion Dusk Cushion
Curry Cushion Curry Cushion
Crocodile Cushion Crocodile Cushion
Chocolate Cushion Chocolate Cushion
Burgundy Cushion Burgundy Cushion


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