Which Office Cubicle Height is Right for Your Business?

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Choosing the right height for an office cubicle is sometimes overlooked by prospective buyers.  Selecting the right height for your office cubicles is actually very important when designing your office space. The height of the office cubicle can directly affect the “work flow” of an office space. For example, taller cubicle walls can create barriers and more privacy, whereas lower walls can promote collaboration. Let’s take a look at the various cubicle wall heights to see which is best for your business.

High Wall Cubicles 

High wall cubicles are typically 72 inches and above. This height provides extra privacy for the employee and less distractions from the surrounding area. For added privacy, consider adding a wing panel to create a private office feel within the cubicle.  High wall cubicles are best used in office settings where the employee needs extra privacy, like in a law, accounting or even a counseling office.

Medium Height Cubicles

Medium height cubicles are typically around 54 inches. This height provides some feeling of privacy, while not completely hiding the employee from their surroundings. 54” high cubicles are more of the standard cubicle seen in most offices. They are best suited in office environments that want employees to interact, but also have a bit of privacy.

Low Wall Cubicles

Low wall cubicles are typically 42 inches in height. This style of cubicle is becoming increasingly popular as businesses look to increase collaboration amongst employees. 42 inch high cubicle walls allow an employee to sit at their desk and interact with workers around them, without having to stand up and walk over. These low wall cubicles are great for teaming environments and for implementing an “idea sharing” atmosphere.

When you are choosing your next set of office cubicles be sure to ask yourself, which office cubicle height is right for my business?

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