How to Create a Privacy Cubicle

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Every business has a unique set of office furniture needs, with different requirements for the style, functionality, and price. Many businesses are shifting to a more open office concept, but some offices require a more private setting.

There are a number of ways to create a customized office cubicle that provides sufficient privacy for employees that handle sensitive information or need extra privacy for sound control. The following are ways to design a private office cubicle that is perfect for your business.

Wall Height

Obviously the best way to create a cubicle with extra privacy is to use high cubicle walls. Typically, privacy cubicles have walls that range from 65” to 80” tall. Walls of that height are usually taller than anyone walking by. If you incorporate a wing panel at this height, it provides an extra layer of privacy. Wing panels are extra walls that nearly enclose the entrance to your cubicle.

Sound Proofing

In offices where sensitive information is provided over the phone, it is important to add a layer of sound protection to help keep information confidential. Many office cubicles have the ability to swap tiles with sound proofing tiles. Sound proofing tiles help muffle the sounds inside a cubicle, keeping the conversation a bit more protected.

Cubicle Doors

The ultimate way to make a cubicle as private as possible is to install a door to its entrance. Private office cubicles are a great solution for businesses that require more privacy, but don’t have additional rooms for employees. A private office cubicle works like a walled-in room, minus the dry wall. The great thing about private office cubicles is that they can be placed anywhere, as they don’t require the construction of a new room.

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