Thousands of Different Ways to Style Your Office Cubicles

Not all businesses are created equal. There are different nuances that are unique to a particular business, such as how they operate and the culture that is instilled in the employees.  Not all business environments are created equal as well – every business has different needs they require out of their office cubicles. Choosing the right office cubicles for your business is similar to choosing a house. You want your house to have a certain look that represents you and you want your house to function according to your family’s needs. You wouldn’t buy a one bedroom house if you have a family of six, just like you wouldn’t buy telemarketing stations for an office where employees interact freely.

When you are in the market for a new home there are a number of “wants” that you look for. Some of these wants may include square footage requirements, specific number of bedrooms, a backyard, certain exterior features, hardwood floors and more. If a home doesn’t meet enough of these requirements you simply look to the next one. The same logic should be referred to when selecting office cubicles for your business. You want to create a wish list of designs and features before you begin shopping. As you are shopping you can change this wish list as you discover new wants. Also similar to a home, there are a countless number of ways to customize your office cubicle, to make it unique to your business. Let’s take a look at a few customization options to create a unique office cubicle for your space.


There are nearly a limitless number of colors to choose for your cubicle’s exterior and interior finish. If you work in a marketing firm you may be interested in vibrant colors such as oranges and bright greens, or if you are in a lawyer’s office you might choose wood grains to create a high-end feel. There are several parts in a cubicle that can be colored. The tile fabric, work surface, overhead storage, trims, accent tiles and more can all be the color of your choice.  The possibilities are nearly endless when choosing a color scheme.


After you have chosen your color scheme you’ll want to focus on the configuration of your office cubicles. Think about what type of working environment the cubicles will inhabit – open communication teaming environment, a quiet more private environment, or a mixture of both. Open communication offices will want low-wall cubicles where open lines of sight, where more private settings will want 72 inch high-wall cubicles.

Storage Options

Another customizable feature of a cubicle is the types of storage options. There are different types of overhead and under-surface storage options that you can choose from. Flipper units are above surface storage units that can be used for personal belongings or for storing folders. Box-box-files are under-surface storage that tends to be used for storing files. There are a number of other storage options to choose from as well.


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