What Storage Options Do I Need for My Office Cubicle?


What Storage Options Do I Need for My Office Cubicle?

Every business has different storage needs. Accounting offices may require more storage than a marketing firm and a law office might require more than a logistics company. While researching office cubicles for your office, be sure to keep in mind your business’ storage needs. There are several storage options available for office cubicles. Let’s take a look at these options to help you determine what storage options you need for your office cubicles.

Overhead Storage

There are a couple overhead storage options to choose from. Flipper units are overhead storage compartments that have a front door that flips open, hence the name. Flipper units are used to store personal belongings, files, books and more. Cubicles can typically be outfitted with two flipper units, depending on your needs. Flipper units are equipped with a lock on the front to provide security. Another overhead storage option is a book shelf. If you need to refer to books periodically throughout the day, a book shelf is a good way to store these items.

Paper Management Tiles

One cool feature that can be incorporated into your cubicle is paper management tiles. Paper management tiles, or rail tiles, are tiles that can be used on the inside of your cubicle, in placement of a regular tile. The rail tiles can house different paper management additions that can be used for quick access to paperwork or folders. They are great for offices that use a lot of folders that need to be accessed quickly.

Below-Surface Storage

The most common type of cubicle storage is below-surface storage. Below-surface storage options include box-box files, pedestals, file-files and more. This type of storage option is where important documents are typically stored, as they can be locked. A typical cubicle is installed with file-file and box-box-file laterals.

Before you purchase your office cubicles think about your storage needs. Do you require a lot of storage? If so, make sure you explore all of the cubicle storage options. If you only require minimal storage, you can cut costs by utilizing less storage add-ons.

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