Is the office dead man walking? Long from it!

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Is the telecommuting the wave of the future? Are pundits right when they say that remote work is going to kill office work? While telecommuting has been embraced as a way to attract talent in far off areas, to reduce office overhead and can be used as a perk to for younger workers, the physical office will always be king. Check out these reasons below.

Working onsite fosters innovation – Yahoo’s Chief Development Officer, Jackie Reses said it best “Some of the best decisions and insights come from hallway and cafeteria discussions, meeting new people, and impromptu team meetings.” Can’t meet in the hallway when your hallway is thousands of miles from your co-worker’s hallway.

Some employees can’t or don’t want to telecommute – Studies have shown that workers need a certain combination of skills to successfully work from home, like strong self-discipline, communication skills, and punctuality. And some employees just don’t want to telecommute – they like to be in the office every day.

Talking to yourself is frowned upon – Talking about last night’s game? Or what about this major news event? Hope you are talking to co-workers around the water cooler and not to yourself in your basement.

Are employees really working? When you can’t walk by your co-worker’s desk, how are you sure they aren’t sitting on their couch with their feet up watching TV?

Cool office furniture – Yeah, sure working in your pajamas is a perk, but how cool is this desk? Or this chair? [link to a desk and chair in product line] Or how about the walking desk? Where you walk on a treadmill while working!

So swivel in your awesome work desk chair and help foster innovation by creating a little man out of binder clips!

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