Finding the Right Cubicles

Finding a cubicle thats both functional and high quality can be a difficult task but if you know where to look you can find great deals on used cubicles while meeting every need your employees could potentially have. Here are a few guide lines on buying used cubicles.

What will your employees be doing in the cubicle. The most important thing when buying a cubicle is to know what type of work your workforce does. Are they on the phone all day like a call center, do they conduct small meetings in their cubicles, do they require a lot of storage for papers, files etc. These are things to think about before hand. You obviously don’t want to waste money on a 8X8 cubicle for a call center type environment and you don’t really want a person that requires a lot of storage jammed into a call center cubicle. A standard size cubicle is a 6X6 or a 6X8 call center cubicles can vary from 4X3, 4X4, 4X2 and there wall heights are usually low enough that you could see over them while sitting.

What about storage? If your employees require a great deal of storage you will need one or a combination of the below elements. Over head storage, Box box file, file file, or lateral file. Over head storage is what it sounds like, its the storage that hangs off the cubicle wall above the workers head. These are good for accessing binders, files and what have you. Box box files are files that have two small boxes then a file below that hence the name box box file. These files are good for workers that don’t require a large amount of filing space but need more room for other small office supplies. File file look exactly like a box box file but in place of the two boxes they have another file, so there are two files hence then name file file. File files can be a great way for employees to store a larger quantities of files and documents. Lateral files are like having two file files under the desk. These would best suite a person that handles very large amounts of fileable documents. If your employees require a mix and match approach to storage that can be accommodated. What is most commonly done is utilizing a box box file and a file file side by side so that the worker gets the best of both worlds and adequate amount of small storage with sufficient file storage.

Extras. In our opinion a cubicle extra would be anything that contributes to the appeal and comfort of a cubicle. Extras are not something to just pass by, they can greatly contribute to the happiness of your employees which in turn allows your workforce to be more efficient in their efforts. Here is a list of extras that you will want to think about. Glass tiles in your cubicle, having a drop down wall, lighting under the over head storage, marker boards, mobile pedestals (a mobile box box file or file file), Higher end fabrics and colors on the cubicle in general. Utilizing a few of the extras will help your office stand out, look professional, help you attract new talent and aid your work force in there efforts.

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