Choosing Tiles for Your Office Cubicle

Cubicle Tile Options

One of the more fun ways to customize your office cubicle is through the selection of the cubicle’s tiles. The tiles of a cubicle act as the “skin” and contribute heavily to the overall design of the cubicle. There is a wide array of cubicle tiles to choose from that can help you achieve many aesthetic goals. Whether you are trying to create a contemporary, vibrant, professional or other look, cubicle tiles help you achieve that goal. Let’s take a look at some of the variations of cubicle tiles.

Glass Tiles

Glass tiles are great when used as accent tiles. If you have an office environment that requires high-wall cubicles, but you don’t want the employee to feel suffocated, glass tiles can help alleviate that feeling. Glass tiles can be incorporated at the top of the cubicle to allow for sunlight to reach the interior or they can be utilized at sitting-eye level to create visual lines of sight. Glass tiles help give the illusion that you aren’t cooped up in a cubicle.

Fabric Tiles

Fabric tiles are the most common type of tile. They are simply a tile covered with your choice of fabric. Fabric tiles help create the overall look of the cubicle. The selection of your fabric’s color should represent the type of environment you wish to create. Bright and vibrant fabric colors can give the office an energetic feel. You can also pair your fabric’s colors with the colors of the company to create a universal, cohesive look.

Laminate Tiles

Want an executive look in your office? Try incorporating laminate wood grain tiles. There are a number of different wood grain laminate tiles to choose from, that help create a high-end look in the office. There are nearly a limitless number of laminate tiles to choose from – from patterns to wood grains to solids and more.

Interior Tiles

Interior tiles are where you can get even more creative. There are whiteboard tiles for employees who keep notes in visible areas, rail tiles for paper management, tack-able tiles for pinning important papers in your eyesight, acoustic tiles for helping dull out the sounds around you, and more. Interior tiles allow you to maximize the functionality of your cubicle.


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