Choosing the Right Cubicle Tiles


One of the great additions to the modern office cubicle is the incorporation of various tiling options. Office cubicles have an array of tile styles to choose from that can help increase productivity. Styles such as whiteboards, tack-able, sound proof, paper management and more are designed to make you more efficient. Let’s take a look at these cubicle tile options to help you determine which tile or tiles are best for your office cubicles.

Whiteboard Tiles

Whiteboard tiles are literally tiles that can snap on to your cubicle and serve as a whiteboard. This type of tile is great for writing reminders and important tasks on for quick reference. They also serve as a great doodle area for when you get distracted.

Tack-able Tiles

Tack-able tiles are very similar to a corkboard, minus the corkboard look. They look exactly like a normal fabric tile, only you can pin documents onto it. Tack-able tiles are useful for pinning documents that you reference often and for helping eliminate clutter on your desk.

Rail Tiles

Rail tiles are used to add paper management accessories to your cubicle. Rail tiles help you organize your desk a bit better and can also help you prioritize your work by incorporating paper bins. Rail tiles are very effective in helping individuals who handle a lot of folders stay organized.

There are several other office cubicle tile options available that can help you create the most efficient office cubicle for your business.


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