What Are the Differences Between New and Used Office Cubicles?

Office cubicles are a common necessity in almost all businesses. Cubicles, like many other assets of a company, require a level of research before making a purchasing decision. If you’ve begun researching cubicles for your office, you may have noticed the sometimes hefty price tag associated with them. There are a vast array of office cubicle brands to choose from, most of which have a common theme – inflated pricing. So how do you keep your costs down when purchasing office cubicles? The answer – purchase used office cubicles.

Used cubicles are the cost-effective alternative to purchasing new office cubicles. Before you discredit the idea of purchasing used, let’s take a look at the key differences between new and used cubicles and why buying used is the smarter decision for your business.

Difference in Pricing 

It seems apparent that used cubicles are cheaper than new, but just how much cheaper? New cubicles are very similar to new cars, when they leave the warehouse their value immediately begins to depreciate. New cubicles can run several thousand dollars per cubicle, whereas used cubicles cost a fraction of the new price tag. Businesses can experience savings of up to 70% compared to new. This difference in pricing allows you to get more bang for your buck or to potentially reallocate the savings elsewhere.

Difference in Features

Often times the pricing of new cubicles require a decision maker to sacrifice quality or functionality. If a decision maker is convinced to buy new, sometimes they are forced to purchase a lower quality product to meet their budget. This new lower quality cubicle may have a shorter shelf life and could potentially require the purchase of new cubicles in the near future. Quality used cubicles can actually have a longer shelf life than new cubicles. Using the car analogy, a new low-end car isn’t as high of quality as a pre-owned BMW. In the world of office cubicles, used Herman Miller Ethospace cubicles are a much higher quality than similarly or higher priced new cubicles.

Difference in Environmental Impact

The production of new office cubicles requires the use of additional raw materials. Purchasing used cubicles is essentially of form of recycling – keeping the cubicles from entering a landfill. Used cubicles can help reduce your business’ carbon footprint, while saving you money.

Now that you understand the differences between new and used office cubicles, ask yourself, why purchase new cubicles when there is more value and cost savings in purchasing used?


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