Understanding Office Cubicle Etiquette

cubicle etiquette

Working in a cubicle for at least 8 hours a day can wear on you. Certain tendencies of coworkers can get under your skin, making you irritated and even less productive. There are behaviors and courtesies that should be followed by everyone, but unfortunately they are not. I would like to think we can encourage these cubicle law breakers, but we all know that will never happen. Instead, let’s lay out a list of proper etiquette to abide by in the cubicle, with hopes they will stumble across this article.

Smells in the Office

Let’s start off with one that everyone can relate to, SMELLS. There are an abundant amount of smells that canvas an office, some enjoyable, some downright foul. Smells such as perfume, FISH, flatulence, the list goes on, tend to pollute office air. Rule #1 of office cubicle etiquette – DO NOT EAT FISH AT WORK. I understand the benefits of Omega 3’s, but please do not bring that in the office. It will stink up the joint like you cannot believe and will actually make you look forward to the woman who wears too much perfume passing by. Be aware of the smells that emit from your desk and take into consideration how others around you may feel about them.

Mike Mike Mike Mike

One of my biggest pet peeves in the office is the drop-byers. You know, the individual who neglects to respect that you are intently working on something and interrupts with a question like “How do you save something as a PDF?” I understand the need to ask questions, but respect your coworker’s space and maybe shoot them an email first, before barging into their cubicle. Actually, try Googling your answer, the internet is a wonderful place with more answers than you can imagine.

Lower Your Voice

Do you work with a loud talker? It’s insanely distracting isn’t it? I understand you need to reschedule your dentist appointment, but I don’t need to hear about it over my own thoughts. In elementary school we were introduced to the “inside voice”, please think back to this lesson and apply it to your work voice. If you have to hold a conversation unrelated to work, please step outside to take the call.


Don’t get me wrong I love an occasional video of a cat getting stuck in a small box, but I don’t need you to send me every viral video you come across. There is a time and a place for humor, but making me aware of anything you found funny on the internet is not necessary. Try and keep the meme sending to a minimum.

These are just a few office cubicle etiquettes that should be followed in the workplace, what are some of your pet peeves you’ve come across in your office?

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