Tips on Buying Used Cubicles

The fact that used office furniture can save you money is not a new term. It can save you tens of thousands on your office furniture purchase. If you don’t believe us, go get a quote for new office furniture from your local dealer. You will see that used office furniture can come in up to 50% less.

So how does that effect you? Number one it saves you money but it also creates a problem for both you and the used office furniture dealer. Other companies from around the world like saving money too and used office furniture is not as prevalent as new. No one is manufacturing used office furniture. A load of furniture comes in, it gets sold, its gone forever. So there is a somewhat limited supply of used office furniture but that stops no one from buying it, you just have to know how to purchase it.

The Cardinal Rule of buying used office furniture is to act quickly. I know it sounds like a sales pitch…ACT NOW. Ha ha. But in this case its true. Lets say you are looking at a listing on for 50 cubicles. At any given time there could be up to 10 people eye balling that same load of furniture. The first company to pay for the furniture gets the furniture and remember once that load of furniture is gone, its gone forever. I have seen it time and time again. A company starts the process of drawing the furniture in the space and a company that has been looking at the furniture for some time comes in a buys the entire load making said shopper find something else. So how do you protect yourself from this? Have the money or down payment in hand when you are shopping for used office furniture. If you take too much time another company will come in and buy it from underneath you. The savings are just too great.

SO number one rule, have the money in hand and act quickly when buying used office furniture. Otherwise the process could take longer than expected. The good thing is, if you do have to start over, used office furniture has a zero lead time meaning it can usually be shipped right away. Almost all new office furniture comes with a lead time which can vary between 2 weeks to 3 months. Eeeek

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