The Benefits of Music in Your Office Cubicle

music in office cubicle

Office distractions are one of the biggest productivity suckers out there. A chatty neighbor, loud eater, noisy printer, whatever it may be, it can very easily ruin your train of thought and throw you off your rhythm.  So how do you minimize these distractions and keep your productivity where it needs to be? The answer for many of us is music.

If your workplace allows it, pop some headphones on and drown in some music while you work. Music can be the ultimate motivator and distraction minimizer. Certain types of music can actually increase your productivity, focus, and energy levels.

Depending on the style of music you choose to listen to can actually alter your work habits. If you are doing a lot of data processing or a task that is mundane, certain types of music can help keep you focused more on your task at hand and less about how bore or tired you are. Typically more intense and upbeat music can keep you motived to keep ripping through your project. More melodic and soothing music like classical songs can actually open up parts of your mind that make you more creative. I often listen to instrumental music when I need to generate a new idea, because vocals and lyrics can sometimes distract your thought process.

Tips for Listening to Music in Your Office Cubicle

While listening to music in your cubicle can be motivating and relaxing, it can also be a distraction if taken overboard. You never want to listen to your music loud enough that it can be heard from your headphones outside of your own cubicle. This is a quick way to lose your privileges. Keep your music at a level that if someone says your name you are able to hear and acknowledge them.

Wear discrete headphones. Wearing large obnoxious headphones that don’t look very professional is an invitation to have your boss take away your music. Invest in some earbuds.

Lastly, do not sign. We do not want to hear you sing. Please.

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