Office Furniture Trends of (2014)


Every year there are new trends and innovations in the office furniture world. Last year the treadmill desk became more popular as well as innovations in the standing desk movement. This year’s trends focus on sustainability, collaborative environments, technological advances in the work space, and vibrant color schemes. Let’s take a closer look at these office furniture trends of 2014.


As each year passes sustainability is more on the forefront for businesses as they look to become more environmentally efficient. Businesses are incorporating used office furniture as well as refurbished office furniture to help decrease their carbon footprint. Other measures such as LED lighting, filtered water coolers, solar panels and more are taken in an effort to lower their environmental impact.  Used cubicles and refurbished cubicles are a great way to help your business go green, as they reuse resources and prevent them from entering landfills – all while saving you money.

Collaborative Environments

Office cubicle designs are continuing to focus on collaborative workspaces. More and more businesses are beginning to appreciate the benefits of open office concepts, which has led to more low-wall cubicle designs. The concept of idea generation and open-sharing in the work place has shifted office layouts from traditional rows of cubicles to open concepts that promote teamwork. This shift in office cubicle design will look to become even more popular in years to come.

Vibrant Color Schemes

Studies continue to prove that more vibrant colors in the workplace can directly affect the productivity and moral of employees. Bright oranges, lime greens, yellows, and more are making appearances on office furniture and walls. These colors help light up a room and can make an office feel more open and inviting. Gone are the days of bland earth tones that seem to suck the life out of workers.

These are just a few of the office furniture trends in 2014. What trends are you noticing or would like to see in 2014?

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