How to Stay Warm in Your Office Cubicle

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The long winter months are slowly creeping upon us, unless of course you are on the West Coast, and in that case, lucky you! As the temperature begins to drop and winter clothes make an appearance, undoubtedly your office is getting colder. If your office is anything like mine, the temperature may actually be colder inside than outside. Rather than simply turning up the thermostat, management typically insists on keeping it as is, leaving us to compensate in creative ways. Everyone has their own way of staying warm in the office, let’s take a look at a few of my methods for fighting off office cubicle frostbite.

Layers of Clothing

The most obvious way to stay warm in the office is layering up on your clothing. Ditch your polo shirt and step up to a sweater with something underneath. Consider wearing thicker socks (cold feet are the absolute worst). Lately I’ve taken to wearing a jacket in the office for that extra layer, however, you might get looks from your boss.

Space Heaters

Space heaters are often frowned upon, mainly because of their high energy costs, but boy do these puppies work. Pop a space heater underneath your cubicle, close your eyes, and picture yourself in front of a warm fire.  These are probably the most efficient way to get warm at your office cubicle.

Miscellaneous Ways

If you need a quick warm up there are a few other ways to fight off the cold. Have you considered hugging your larger printer? Those suckers are warm! Grab yourself two coffees and use them as hand warmers. Take a jog up and down the stairs a few times and get your blood flowing. All else fails, start a mini fire at your desk with all of the post-it notes you used in the last week – that should last you a while (totally kidding). 

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