How to Save On Your Office Cubicle Purchase

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Purchasing office cubicles for your business can be a large investment. A necessary amount of research and diligence is required before you make your final decision. Once you’ve narrowed down your must-haves, you are now ready to negotiate on price.

There are several factors that can play into the overall pricing of your office cubicle, such as size of the cubicle, design elements, features and more. Let’s take a close look at these items that can potentially drive up the cost of your cubicles.


One of the biggest drivers of price is the overall size of your cubicles, the larger the cubicle, the higher the price tag. The most common size is the 6’x6’ office cubicle. As you begin to creep into the 7’x7’ and 8’x8’ cubicles the price rises proportionately. Alternatively, if you are on the market for telemarketing cubicles, the price will be moderately lower than other sizes.

Storage Options

There are a ton of storage options available for office cubicles. Some examples of storage options include; overhead storage (or flipper units), box-box-file, box-file-file, paper management accessories and more. Obviously the more storage options you equip your cubicles with, the higher the price tag.

Fabric and Laminate Choices

It is very easy to get carried away when selecting your cubicles fabrics and laminates. Choosing a laminate such as wood grain or one that is custom designed, will certainly drive up the costs of your office cubicle. Try selecting stock colors that the manufacturer has in house. There is typically a discount associated with selecting a stock fabric or laminate.


One last price driver is the configuration of cubicles you select. A clustered design, where cubicles all share a center spine, is much less than stand-alone cubicles. Sharing a center spine means that the cluster of cubicles are sharing a middle and side wall, thus reducing the amount of materials to assemble a single cubicle.

When shopping for your company’s office cubicles be sure to make a list of items that are must haves, as opposed to wants. Once you are in the ballpark of your budget then you can begin to look at more wants, like extra storage options or a specific fabric that isn’t a part of the in-house options.

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