Checklist for Designing Your Office

Designing your office space can be a burdensome task. There are a number of items that must be taken into consideration before you populate your space with office furniture items. The following can serve as a checklist while you begin the selection process of your office furniture.

  • Collect exact measurements of space – The most important aspect of furnishing your office space is correctly measuring the area where your cubicles, seating, etc. will be installed. If you unsure of the measurements of the space, see if you can locate the most recent blueprint for the building.
  • Note structural barriers – Are there any beams or structural barriers that could affect the installation of your office cubicles? If so, be sure to note where these barriers exist so it is not a surprise on installation day.
  • Account for future changes – Will there be structural changes to the space in the future? If you are aware of any changes to the office space, like the addition or subtraction of walls, you will want to account for these changes. Making note of this upfront will save you headaches in the future. Also, if you are aware of any personnel changes, such as the addition or subtraction of employees, you will want to take that into consideration.
  • What type of office environment you want – Think about what type of office environment you are after. Do you want an open office concept that promotes collaboration or do you want a more private, high wall environment?
  • Selecting color schemes – What kind of vibe are you trying to create in the office? If it’s a calming environment consider soft blues or dark greens. If you want an energetic vibe consider oranges and yellows.
  • Ergonomics – Employee health in the office is now on the forefront. Consider selecting ergonomic features such as adjustable monitor arms, ergonomic seating options and more.
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