Avoid These Mistakes When Purchasing Office Cubicles

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Choosing the right office cubicles for your business can be a fairly burdensome task. It can be easy to overlook important items, which is why it is imperative you do your proper research before coming to a decision. The following are mistakes you can avoid when choosing your office cubicles.

Mistake #1 – Not Comparing Vendors

Purchasing office furniture is a lot like buying a new car. Typically you will shop around and visit several dealerships before you make a final decision. You’ll want to take this same approach with your office cubicles. Researching different vendors will give you a good idea of how good their pricing, customer service, and product quality is. One good review doesn’t necessarily mean that a business is a perfect fit, learn about as many dealers as you can before you come to a conclusion.

Mistake #2 – Not Researching Price Comparisons

Similar to a new car, different dealers will have different pricing. Make sure you do your due diligence and receive pricing from multiple dealers. This will help give you the confidence that you are getting a good price.

Mistake #3 – Lack of Warranties

Learn about any warranty information in place. Most reputable dealers have a warranty associated with their office cubicles. Cubicles.net, for example, has a lifetime warranty on all office cubicles. If a dealer doesn’t have a warranty on their cubicles, you may want to consider other providers.

Mistake#4 – Improper Space Measurements

I’ve seen it happen many times – move in day arrives and there isn’t enough space for all of the cubicles. It is absolutely imperative to take accurate measurements of your office space. It helps to have multiple people take the measurements to ensure you are correct. It is very useful to reference the most recent blueprints available.

Mistake #5 – Lack of Preparation

The day has arrived for your furniture to be installed and… your space is dirty and not ready for the new cubicles. Make sure you properly clean the area where the cubicles are going to be installed. It is not the cubicle installer’s responsibility to prep the space for installation.

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