5 Reasons to Buy Herman Miller Ethospace

As many of you know, there is almost an unlimited number of choices when it comes to cubicles, desks and seating. Today we are going to discuss one of my favorites, Herman Miller Ethospace. Ethospace is not only good becasue of its fleixibility, customization options and design appeal. It also has some very useful employee benifits as well.

1. Herman Miller Ethospace has some of the most high-tech features of any cubicle on the market. It offers a huge cable capacity inside each panel and boasts above and below work surface power options. 

2. Ethospace can also evolve with your business. Whether you want to change out a single tile or reconfigure an entire floor of cubicles, Ethospace can handle the job. As a general rule, Ehtospace is one of the most highly reconfigured sysems on the market.

3. It was the first frame and tile system to hit the market. We have all seen the standard cubicle panel or wall. One solid color of fabric from bottom to top. Those are called monolithic systems. They offer one color per panel and inside the panel is either particle board or a dense card board. Herman Miller Ethospace was the first cubicle that was frame and tile. Meaning it comes with a rigid, hollow steel frame and tiles clip onto that frame. This was revolutionary to the industry becasue you could now store wires inside the panel walls and have the ability to stack panels on top of one another and change tiles to suit your color and customization needs.

4. Ethospace also comes with a wide variety of options to choose from. Poeple who buy Ethospace on the new market will almost always get high quality fabric, paper management tiles, glass tiles etc. It makes it an ideal canidate for their office furniture purchase.

5. Buying Used Herman Miller Ethospace is a great way to furnish your office with the most up to date, technologically sound system on the market. A new Ethospace cubicle could run you at least $3,500 EACH. When buying preowned or used you can get them for around $900 – $1,300 each. Thats a big difference. However, act fast on your purchase. These caliber of cubicles do not last long on the used office furniture market.

We hope this article has helped you to better understand the uses and benefits of Herman Miller Ethospace.

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