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Most business savvy people have taken notice of the countless startups that have been taking place in the last 3 years. The recession has no doubt sparked an inflow of ideas, technology and out of the box thinkers around the globe. It really is an exciting time to be in business. So why are more an more startups choosing herman miller resolve as their cubicle of choice? Check out some of our ideas as to why this is happening.

It is our opinion that a new breed of entrepreneur is hitting the stage. We have consistently received calls from business owners in their late 20’s and early 30’s when in the past most of our calls were in there late 40’s or 50’s. I myself am 28 so I can testify as to why a young business owner would want Herman Miller Resolve in their office space. Im going to go out on a limb and attempt to speak for the whole of my age group. Our generation doesn’t like being stuffed or crammed into

an office space and we don’t want our employees to feel that way. We like open, creative workspaces that harness creativity and complex thought. I want my employees to talk to each other, to work together and to hopefully be more productive in the process. I also don’t require a private office of my own. I sit in a cubicle thats exactly the same as my employees. I want to be apart of the creative process just as they are, after all I am a part of the team. Why should I get a bigger cubicle or
private office just because I own the company? To satisfy my own ego? No thanks. If I need to speak privately with someone there is a conference room available. I like Herman Miller Resolve not just because its versatile but because of what it represents. Cliche? I don’t want my company to be the average. I don’t want floors of cubicles packed with people that don’t enjoy their work. I want a company like instagram where I hire the right people and I create the right environment so we don’t need 50 employees we only need 10. 🙂 In my opinion the right person coupled with the right working atmosphere can be 10 times more productive. At CubeClerk we have very outspoken, creative people on board. I know the type people we hire, because I’m the same as them. If I stimy or shoot down their ideas they will get bored and eventually want to leave the company. In order to facilitate their ideas we have a massive marker board where they can jot down ideas as they pass by and we discuss the board later that week. No one is considered greater than or less than. Everyones opinion counts. There is always someone that knows something you don’t. Also, i think that my generation likes cool stuff. Ha Ha Ha. We love iPhones, iPads, Androids, MacBook Pros, cool apps and most importantly we love using those apps. I just can’t envision creating a drab office environment that doesn’t have wifi, or cubicles to where you can’t see anything or be able to talk to the person next to you. If our employees need quite, put in your earbuds and go to town. 🙂 I prefer skull candy or beats earbuds, don’t waste your money on bose. I have tried them all. LOL.

Startups also love Herman Miller Resolve because its inexpensively cool, especially on the used market. If you bought Resolve brand new out of the box, yes, its going to cost you big bucks. For this reason most startups were going after Hon Consensus for years. Its the least expensive “new” cubicle on the market and was the most sold cubicle for a long time. One thing you should know, Hon in general almost never makes it to the used marketplace. Why, because it falls apart. Thats all I’ll say about that. Buying used or pre-owned herman miller resolve can save you thousands of dollars and still allow you to have that cool office you always wanted. You can have the lighting, the cool filing cabinets the works and for pennies on the dollar. Another thing to keep in mind while shopping Cubicles.net for Resolve…please act fast. I know I have said it before and it sounds like a cheap marking scheme. Used office furniture saves people thousands of dollars, you are not the only one looking at that particular load of furniture. Once its gone, its gone forever. They don’t manufacture used cubicles. So act now!

I hope this article has been in-lighting as to why I think Herman Miller Resolve is becoming more popular.

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