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Purchasing Herman Miller Resolve can be a great way to promote a creative, teaming and free form working environment in your office. Promoting creativity in your office – especially in a marketing department, research and development department or even a sales department is essential to the success and morale of your employees. If you are wanting your workforce to think outside the box, you will want to consider Herman Miller Resolve. Resolve can also be highly effective in creating a teaming environment. With its open walls and human centered design your employees can easily speak to each from across the cube. On the other hand, Herman Miller Resolve can be very private, with its semi transparent screens you can easily block out the chatter when needed. Custom mobile pedestals and unique workstations accessories allow workers to grab and go to another cubicle in an instant which makes Herman Miller Resolve one of the most effective teaming workstations available.

When most people think free-form working environment – they think inviting, fun, eclectic and unique – which Herman Miller Resolve accomplishes without fail. With its very unique panel free design and almost unlimited screen, work surface and one of a kind umbrella like up lighting, Herman Miller Resolve is sure to shock potential customers and wow new recruits every time. If you want or need a teaming, free-form working environment that promotes creative while wowing potential buyers than you should give Herman Miller Resolve a second look. Another plus is since there are no panels to contend with the system can be reconfigured on the fly and can change colors easily because of the pop out screens and interchangeable lighting accessories. In addition Herman Miller Resolve is green, with over %59 of its parts and accessories. Herman Miller’s goals for future green initiatives are some of the most lofty in the industry having set the bar for green systems furniture in the past they continue to push the envelope on how green, green can get in the office furniture industry.

Herman Miller Resolve can be one of the most effective teaming, creative and attractive working environments you can choose from. If you would like more information on Herman Miller Resolve check out what we offer, and  contact us with any questions!

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