Using Office Cubicles to Create a Call Center

Call Center Cubicles

Working in a call center is unlike any other working environment. There is a constant stream of voices bouncing off the walls as employees are continually on the phone for the duration of their shift. It takes a focused individual to drown out the noise in the background and focus on their task at hand.

Your standard call center consists of rows of conjoined desks with a computer screen and a telephone. With a few simple adjustments to employee’s office cubicles, you can create a more efficient working environment.

Telemarketing Cubicle

Telemarketing cubicles are the most economical office cubicle design. Telemarketing cubicles consist of three high walls, typically 53” in height. By creating telemarketing cubicles that are moderately tall you are helping eliminate distractions, such as noise, for the worker. Higher walls also help an employee focus as they aren’t focusing on what’s going on around them. Furthermore, if noise in an issue, sound proofing tiles can be installed to help drown out additional noise. Standard telemarketing cubicles are also approximately 4 feet wide and about 2 feet deep. This size allows enough room for someone to sit with a computer, phone, and a few belongings, while maximizing the space in the office.

The cubicles are typically lined in rows and are joined by a center spine, meaning they share a center wall. This is a more cost efficient way to organize telemarketing cubicles because they are able to share parts.

If you need to furnish your office space with telemarketing cubicles be sure to check out our expansive inventory and customize your cubicle to your exact liking.


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