Tips for Maintaining Positive Office Moral

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Life in an office cubicle can sometimes seem mundane and demotivating. It is easy to fall into what I like to call a “cubicle coma”. Cubicle coma symptoms include a blank stare that says the lights are on but no one is home, excessive yawning, and comfort eating. If you’ve experienced one or many of these symptoms, you’ve experienced the “2:30 feeling”.  Couple these symptoms with an overall lack of desire to work and you’ve got yourself a very inefficient worker. Though these feelings of laziness are common, with certain well-timed tactics by a manager, they can be suppressed. Let’s take a look at some tips for maintaining a positive office moral.

Recognize Achievements 

One of the best ways to keep employees motivated and with positive attitudes is by offering recognition for their work. Consider a monthly award or achievement that is presented to employees who stood out over the past month. This type of positive reinforcement can help promote hard work, as it is more motivating to perform when your efforts are recognized.

Casual Days

Try offering more casual dress days. There is something about a casual Friday that seems to just make people happy. It may have to do with the fact it makes the working environment feel less “business-like” and more easy-going.

Company Lunches

There is nothing better than a free meal at work. Company lunches allow employees to interact with other departments as well as make them feel appreciated. You would be surprised just how much some people look forward to a pizza day.

Promote Laughter

I believe one of the most important factors in keeping a positive moral in the office is laughter. Laughter can instantly change someone’s mood from glum to happy. I am a firm believer in the more you laugh, the happier and more fulfilled you feel at a job. Sharing a good laugh with someone creates a bond and commonality amongst coworkers.


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