Tips for Dealing with a Bad Boss

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We’ve all heard the horror stories, or worse yet, lived them, of having an overbearing, bad boss. At nearly every company there is typically someone who is in a position of power that abuses that power and throws their weight around for seemingly no reason. Having a bad boss can demotivate you, make you lose your confidence, or even derail your desired career path. So how do you deal with this jerk of a boss and still become successful? The following are a few tips to dealing with a bad boss and how you can avoid hating your job in the process.

Take Notes

Everyone can say they have a bad boss, but can they prove it? If you feel as though your boss is being inappropriate or unfair, be sure to document everything. Treat it like you are building a case, save emails, make notes with time stamps of situations that were unprofessional or threatening. The more you are able to document the better your case becomes if you are wrongfully terminated or decide to resign because of their behavior. Mental notes are of no use. They can become clouded with your opinions as time goes on and lack credibility, but hard evidence cannot be refuted.

Ask Coworkers

If you feel as though your coworkers are also unfairly treated, ask about their experiences. You must be delicate in how you approach this type of situation, you don’t want to raise any red flags with someone who may favor your boss. Once you identify others who are dissatisfied you can begin to build a case to take to HR.

Move Departments

If there are other openings in your company, try applying for these positions if it means you have another boss. This is a great solution if it is available because it allows you to stay at the same company, but you are no longer under the control of a bad boss.

Consult a Mentor or 3rd Party

If you still are not sure of how to handle your bad boss try asking someone who you view as a mentor or an unbiased 3rd party on how to deal with your boss. Show them your notes you’ve compiled about your boss and gather their opinion if they think your boss is unreasonable. Sometimes asking a third party about your situation can give you an alternative perspective on the situation. You may uncover that things aren’t as bad as you may think or you may discover that it is best to start looking for a new job.

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