New or Used Cubicles?

One of the most common questions of today’s office furniture buyers is whether to purchase new or used office furniture. While both have their obvious advantages; one being inexpensive and one being brand new, there are many other reasons to consider while purchasing office furniture.

Lets take a look at the pros and cons of purchasing new office furniture.


  • Less worry over damaged parts, scuffs or scrapes on the initial installation.
  • Ability to write off over %90 of the purchase price of the office furniture.
  • Choose your own colors or even custom colors to match company branding.
  • Warranty…Enough said.


Lets look at the pros and cons of purchasing used office furniture.


  • Save up to %80 on the same or similar product on the new office furniture market.
  • In most cases there is little or no lead time on used office furniture.
  • The used office furniture market grows each year enabling you to find better and better products at competitive prices. Finding used name brand office furniture is not a problem.


  • Finding spare parts that match your colors and size requirements can be a hassle.
  • No warranty unless you strike a deal with your used office furniture dealer.
  • In most cases some parts will be worn and there will be visible scuffs.
  • Finding like keys for files can be difficult.

New and used office furniture dealers have their own ways, sales pitches and styles of selling you on each way of thinking. At the end of the day it will come down to how much your are willing to spend and how fast you need the office furniture.

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