How to Prevent Office Cubicle Fatigue

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In today’s office environment many of us spend more time in our office cubicles than in the confines of our own homes. Long hours of stagnant sitting and intense staring sessions at our computer monitors can certainly lead to mental exhaustion. When we feel as though we’ve reached our limit of spreadsheets and reports, fatigue slaps you right in the brain, sucking any remaining energy right from your body.

How do you fight this fatigue? Grab another cup of coffee? Paint eyeballs on your eyelids and try taking a nap? Instead of feeding your caffeine addiction there are activities you can partake in to reduce your office cubicle fatigue. Let’s take a look at some examples.

Take Mental Breaks

It may not be physically taxing, but sitting in an office chair for long periods of time is mentally exhausting.  Take a break every hour or so and focus your mind on something else. Take a walk to the break room and grab some water. Strike a conversation with a coworker and talk about something unrelated to work. Take a walk around the building and breathe in some fresh air. A mini break can sometimes be exactly what you need to refocus your mind and finish out the day strong.

Eat Snacks

Now by snack I don’t mean something heavy in carbs, I’m talking about something healthy like fruit. Try eating a banana in the morning and maybe some nuts later on. One of the biggest contributors to afternoon fatigue is the food consumed on your lunch break. Many individuals will gorge themselves on their lunch break, devouring anything in their paths. A heavy lunch will most certainly slow down your afternoon. Try eating something lighter, while snacking throughout the day. This will help alleviate your afternoon slump and is also healthier for you.

Get Enough Sleep

If you only slept four hours the night before, then you are already setting yourself up for the yawns. Get a full eight hours of sleep at night and allow your body the proper amount of rest it needs in order to perform at its best.

Move Around

Get up from your desk, move around and get your blood flowing. Walk the stair or take a lap around the building, anything to get your heart pumping. By stimulating your body you increase the blood-flow, thus increase your energy. Make a habit out of moving around – take the stairs or the long way into the building.

Sometimes it might feel as though office cubicle fatigue is imminent, which in some cases it may be, but if you follow some of these tips, you just might be able to stay alert and motivated. What types of things do you do to avoid office cubicle fatigue?

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