How to Prepare to Liquidate Your Office Cubicles


How to Prepare to Liquidate Your Office Cubicles

Liquidating your office cubicles can be a cumbersome task, especially when your business is going through some form of change. If you are moving offices, downsizing your current office, or closing the doors all together, preparing for a successful liquidation of your office cubicles takes proper planning and execution. Let’s take a look at some questions to ask yourself before your cubicle liquidation so that when the time comes for your business’ change, you’ll be prepared.

What Is Your Timeline?

Before you begin the liquidation process, develop a timeline of when you would like the office cubicles liquidated. This is important because you want to give yourself adequate time to prepare your space for the liquidation. The more time you are able to give yourself the better. When you have an office cubicle liquidation company selected, be sure to communicate clearly your timing expectations.

How Many Cubicles are There?

It is very important to take inventory of all of the items you are liquidating. This helps in two ways; you are able to provide a more accurate description of the scope of the liquidation project and you will have a more accurate idea of what to expect in return for your cubicles. Performing an inventory checklist may also help save you money because the liquidation company doesn’t have to come in and count the cubicles themselves.

Where are the Cubicles Located?

Understanding the location of the cubicles is important for the liquidation company. If there are certain barriers that can affect the project it is better to acknowledge them up front. For example, having no loading dock, no access to an elevator, or time restraints are all very important for the liquidation company to know. Most cubicle liquidation companies will perform a site audit beforehand, but in the event they don’t, be prepared to point out these barriers.

What Should I Expect in Return for My Cubicles?

This question can be a tough one to answer. There are several factors at play that determine the dividends you can receive from your office cubicles. Items that can affect your bottom line include; time sensitive liquidations with quick turnarounds, the number of barriers that exist that can potentially suck up time, the cost of renting trucks to haul out the cubicles, removal fees and more. Most liquidation companies will give you a cost upfront and what to expect in return, but be sure to perform your own research ahead of time to negotiate if necessary.

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