How to Choose the Best Colors for Your Office Cubicles


Selecting a color for your office and its cubicles is a bigger decision than you may realize. The colors of an office can directly affect employee attitude, motivation, and comfort level. Depending of the type of office environment you would like to create, should dictate your selection of office colors.

Let’s take a look at what each color can represent in your office.

Blue – Blue represents calm and serenity. Blue is used as a relaxing color to emit a feeling of comfort. Blue is often used in low intensity environments, like a doctor’s office. Blue may not be the best choice for an office because it can create too lax of an environment and may lull workers to sleep.

Green – Green is a very soothing color as well, creating a sense of revival and life. Greens are great for areas where you take potential clients. Green is also a relaxing color, however it does not promote the same sleepy vibes that blue does.

Orange – Orange is an intense color that is known to bring energy to a room. You may notice a lot of startup companies choose to use orange in their offices, as it promotes a level of excitement and energy.

Red – Red is a very passionate color that can create feelings of aggressiveness and stimulation. Red is a great introductory color, that is most effective in lobbies and reception areas.

White – White is a neutral color that many offices use. It blends in with its environment and creates a sense of cleanliness. Make sure if your office is white that you incorporate other colors to create a more interesting workspace.

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