Herman Miller Ethospace Cubicles

Herman MIller Ethospace Cubicles

History: Herman Miller Ethospace cubicles were the first of their kind to utilize the frame-and-tile system. Designers Bill Stumpf and Jack Kelley designed Ethospace with the introduction of computers in the workspace as their inspiration. They noticed a deficiency in how traditional office furniture interacted with computers, so they sought to create an office cubicle that was tailored to the new technological office environment.

Features: Herman Miller Ethospace is constructed of a steel frame and tiles. The beauty of Ethospace is in its interchangeable tiles that snap on to the frame, quickly and easily. This unique feature (though not as unique now) allows for the easy replacement of tiles as a business evolves. The frame is also constructed with your data needs in mind. Data and power cables can be run with ease throughout Ethospace’s frame.

Aesthetics: The great aspect of the tiling system is the end user’s ability to customize their cubicle, creating something that is unique to their business. There are a virtually endless number of tiles options to choose from, including; glass tiles, fabric tiles in any color, painted tiles, woodgrain tiles and more. You can mismatch your tiles in a number of ways to create a cubicle that best represents your business.

Sizes: Herman Miller Ethospace is available in a number of sizes and styles. Some sizes include 6×6, 6×8, 8×8 and more. Ethospace can also be configured in a number of ways including depending on your office environment. For example, you can create low wall cubicles for collaboration or high wall cubicles for added privacy.

Review: Herman Miller Ethospace is the industry standard for office cubicles. Its versatility, customizable features, construction quality and more make it the ideal cubicle for any application. Its durable steel frame creates a cubicle that will last with your business for years to come.

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