Factors That Determine Office Cubicle Prices

Are you in the market for office cubicles? Have you noticed the fluctuation in pricing associated with the various types of cubicles? What may seem like random pricing isn’t actually random at all. Similar to purchasing a vehicle, there are many determining factors that go into the price of an office cubicle.  In this article we will take a look at these factors so when you are shopping for office cubicles you can better understand why the cubicle is priced as it is.

New, Used or Refurbished

Like all consumer goods, if the cubicles are new, used, or refurbished will play a factor in the pricing. New cubicles are obviously, for the most part, more expensive than used or refurbished cubicles. There are instances, however, where new cubicles can be less expensive than used cubicles. Using a car analogy, a used BMW can cost more than a new KIA. In the world of office furniture, used Herman Miller Ethospace can sometimes cost more than other new cubicle brands – but there is a difference in quality. Refurbished cubicles tend to have the middle of the road pricing. Refurbished cubicles sometimes blend new and used parts. Depending on the number of new parts that are incorporated into the cubicle, the price may increase.

Storage Options

The type of storage options you select can have an impact on the pricing of the cubicles. Typical storage options with a cubicle include overhead units (flipper units) and under surface storage such as box-box-files and file-files. If you elect to have two overhead storage compartments, this can increase your price. The under surface storage options can also increase your cubicle price. Determine if you need one or two under surface storage options.


One of the biggest drivers of price is the type of cubicle configuration you select. Configuration types can include; bullpens, clusters, privacy cubicles, straight runs and more. Each configuration can carry a different price because depending on your configuration, it will require more or less product to produce the cubicle. The most cost effective cubicle configuration is the cluster. Clusters of cubicles share joining walls and center spines, thus eliminating additional product. Bullpens can also be cost effective as they are almost like one giant cubicle. Privacy and standalone cubicles tend to carry a higher price tag as they do not share walls.

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