Customizing Your Office Cubicle

Lets face it, sitting in a cubicle all day long can be a very boring experience. BUT!!! If you know how to soup up your cubicle with the latest gadgets and gizmos that can give your cubicle life and exuberince your days at the office will surely fly by faster than they did before.

Here are some of our staff picks over at


Panel Extenders
Ever noticed the peeping tom in your adjacent cubicle? Well now you can easily put an end to the low levels of privacy witObex Panel Extenders. Obex panel extenders easily attach to the top of any cubicle and to any work surface with ease. They come in a wide array of colors and are available in sizes from 24″ – 72″. The panels include acoustical tiles, polycarbonate tiles, or custom printed tiles so you are sure to find a panel that fits your individual needs. We are seeing more an more clients purchase panel extenders for their office, especially in telemarketing environments.


Peel and Stick Whiteboard / Notepads
Ever had an idea and you couldn’t find the right surface to quickly jot it down? These peel and stick marker boards are compact enough to fit anywhere in your cubicle. They are constructed of vinyl with a small amount of adhesive which means you can re-stick them up to 5 times around your office or cubicle. These are almost like post it notes but better. The notepads come with 4 blank notes, 3 lined notes, 3 check-box notes, and 1 dry erase marker and are 5.5″ x 8″ in size. Notepads start at $19 but think about it, you can re-use them over and over.


Build Your Own Keyboard Tray
Have carpal tunnel? We know the feeling. So why chince out on your keyboard tray? Humanscale has come up with an ingenious build your own keyboard tray feature on their website. You can customize the mechanism, keyboard platform, mouse platform, palm support and track length. We have never seen this many customizable options on a keyboard tray. With this list of features you should be able to find a tray that fits your individual needs from soup to nuts.

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