Creating a Smooth Cubicle Installation

Having your office furniture installed, especially if you are installing a lot of it can be difficult. It can be time consuming, in some cases taking over a week. In some rare cases with very large companies it can take weeks or even months. However, almost all office furniture installation companies are equipped with the necessary know how, tools and drive to get the job done.

When you select an office furniture installer or you choose to use your office furniture dealer for the installation, they will likely handle most of the project management for you. All the office furniture dealers on will handle it for you unless you decide otherwise making the furniture buying experience as seamless and painless as possible.

However, lets say you wanted to hire your own install crew or just want some more information about the office furniture installation process. Here is how office furniture installation works from the ground up.

Step One: Drawings

The office furniture installer would acquire drawings from either you or the office furniture dealer of the space. These drawings will show exactly how many cubicles, desks, chairs, files etc are going to be in the space, where they go, and in most cases measurements will be provided so the cubicles can be properly positioned in the space.

Step Two: Project Meeting

In medium sized to larger projects their will be project meetings so that the electrician, general contractor, data provider and installer can be on the same page. This is necessary because almost all cubicles have computers that are connected to the internet. So, as you can imagine its important for the data guys to know when the product will be installed so they can show up the same day to run the cables inside the cubicles, its important for the electrician to know where to run wiring for the cubicles to hook into and its important for the GC to know everything about everything. 🙂

Step Three: Installation Prep

Preparing for the installation is a simple process. You need to check with the building or property manger of the office space to see if there are any regulations that need to be met. Some property managers will make you install your office furniture after business hours as to not disrupt the whole building. Some will make you lay down a protective covering by the elevators, carpeted areas and so forth. Almost all buildings will require some for of insurance from the installer before they are allowed in. Just food for thought.

Step Four: Installation

Depending on the size of your project the actual installation time will vary. Remember, its not just the time to put the furniture together. It takes time to move large quantities of furniture out of the truck and up to your office space.

The first step to installing the furniture is obviously moving the furniture to your space. After which the product is staged. Meaning cubicle parts are laid out in their appropriate positions, conference tables are laid in their appropriate rooms and so forth. After staging is complete the installers will start building your cubicles who will be followed by the data company who is simultaneously wiring them for data. The data guy will want to start at this stage because the work surfaces of the cubicles will not yet be installed and it will be easier for him to move in and out of the cubicle. After all the cubicle walls are up the installers will move onto cubicle components such as files, overhead storage, work surfaces and shelves. Conference tables, break room furniture etc. could technically be installed at anytime during the office furniture installation. I will tell you, its important to save your office chairs for last. If your project will be going on for several days. Have your install company leave the chairs in there warehouse until the last day. If you bought the chairs yourself and are managing your own installation, be sure and ship the chairs to arrive the last day of installation. Why, with all the construction going on in most job sites, all the people moving in and out of your future space. Its very easy for your “Rolling” office chairs to grow legs. They are very easy to steal, so its important they arrive on the last day to avoid such a tragedy.

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