Creating a High-End Office Cubicle

High End Cubicles

Offices cubicles don’t have to be boring and bland. There are a number of features of a cubicle that can be customized to create a high-end look around your office. You can customize the cubicle’s tiles, incorporate glass and more, to create the high-end office cubicle your business desires. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can “class up” your business’ cubicles.

Incorporate Glass

The easiest way to give your cubicle a high-end feel is to incorporate glass tiles. There are several variations of how glass can be used in a cubicle, such as; upmount glass, glass tiles, and glass walls. Upmount glass is placed on the top of your cubicle walls. It is typically utilized on low-wall cubicles and open office concepts. Upmount glass is usually 8-10” tall and can be translucent or clear. Glass tiles are another great way to give your cubicle a high-end appearance. If you require a more private cubicle and think upmount glass isn’t a good fit you should consider glass tiles. Glass tiles can simply replace any fabric tile, giving the employee privacy, but also providing sightlines around the office. Glass tiles are great for offices that want the appearance of an open office, without sacrificing cubicle privacy. Glass walls can be utilized in private office cubicles. You can create an entire wall of glass tiles, giving a manager clear sightlines around the office. This look can also look very high-end.

Cubicle Tile Selection

The easiest way to create a high-end looking cubicle is through your selection of office cubicle tiles. Wood grain tiles are the top selection for creating a professional looking cubicle. Law offices will incorporate wood grain tiles to create a high-end professional look for their clients. There are thousands of different office cubicle tiles to choose from, which allows you to create a completely customized office cubicle for your office.

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