Can Your Cubicle Configuration Impact Productivity?

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Have you ever worked in an office where you spent half the day in meeting rooms or walking around cubicles to communicate with your team? If so, then you’ve most likely worked in an office where the cubicle configurations affected productivity. Poor cubicle configurations can lead to wasted time, poor communication, and ultimately lost dollars.

Think about how many times you’ve had to leave your seat to walk around a cubicle to talk to a teammate or how many times you’ve had to book a conference room just to present information to a coworker. Many times I’m sure. This inefficient process for communicating can lower your productivity and affect successful communications amongst team members. To alleviate these deficiencies in your team’s productivity, you may want to rethink your cubicle’s configuration.

Offices that promote teaming and collaborative efforts should implement open office cubicle concepts. These teaming cubicle configurations utilize low-walls so coworkers can communicate without leaving their seat. This helps with interdepartmental communication as well as idea generation. Sitting in a conference room trying to come up with ideas can sometimes be counterintuitive. Imagine sitting in comfort of your desk and collaborating with your team in a more relaxed environment.

The inverse of a teaming environment are privacy cubicles or high wall cubicles. High wall cubicles are ideal for offices that have employees who require additional privacy or a quiet setting. If you have low wall cubicles in this type of environment it can affect an employee’s concentration and ability to field phone calls, thus affecting their productivity.


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