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Are you on the market for new office cubicles for your business? Are you taken back at the price tags you’ve seen so far? Purchasing new cubicles can be a costly endeavor, but it doesn’t have to be. At cubicles.net we offer a line of brand new office cubicles, customized to your specifications, all at an affordable price.

Our line of affordable office cubicles, starting at $399, are sure to satisfy your office’s needs. We offer a complete line of budget cubicles that can be customized exactly to your specifications. Some of the features you can customize are:


Not all businesses are created equal, so why should you get an “out-of-the-box” cubicle? Our new office cubicles can be configured exactly how your business needs. Whether you want to create a teaming environment with low walls or a more private setting with high walls, we can design cubicles to maximize your office’s efficiency.

Storage Options

Every business’ storage needs are different. We help you select the best storage options so you aren’t purchasing more or less than you need. Some storage options include; overhead flipper units, shelving, box-box-files, file-files and more.


One of the more fun parts of building your customized cubicle is choosing the color schemes. We allow you to select your fabric from a number of choices, creating a cubicle that reflects your brand. The tiles, work surfaces, and more can be colored exactly how you want. Our new cubicles also allow you to choose the type of cubicle tiles. Some of our tile options include; glass tiles – with or without a frame pane, fabric tiles and more.

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Cubicles.net is a full service contract office furniture dealership specializing in cubicles, office seating, office tables and more. Our founders and team members have a combined 45 years office furniture experience enabling us to provide sales, service and expertise to any office expansion, move or addition. Our main goal is to provide your business with quick, affordable office furniture solutions that maximize your money, time and workforce.

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